Small Business Solutions By Learning The 7-Vital Steps To Maximizing Growth Sales & Profit

This event is 2 hours of jam-packed business enhancing strategies for ALL types of businesses. If you own a business, you can use this information! Register and bring a friend or business partner with you.

This is a content-rich workshop full of unique, step-by-step content that you can use straight away to rapidly grow your business. You'll learn exactly what you need to BOOST your Productivity, Revenue, and Efficiency in your business.

We restrict the number of seats for this event to make sure each attendee has the best experience possible, so be sure to RSVP immediately on this page to secure your seat.

Mastering Your Business For Maximum Profit & Success! FREE 2-hour Workshop! Everyone is welcome. Register:
April 2nd - 12pm - 2pm - Calgary, AB
April 24th - 12pm - 2pm - Mississauga, ON
May 14th - 12pm - 2pm - Vaughan, ON
May 29th - 12pm - 2pm Surrey, BC
Jam-packed full of tips and strategies to maximize sales & profit! There is no fluff... that's my promise to you! ~Colin
Call to register - 778-551-0419 - plus, bring a friend or two! or follow this link to register

Here are some of the things you will learn at the event:

MARKETING AND SALES - Learn how to generate more sales, work with better clients and charge higher prices for your products and services.  During this 2-hour workshop, we will teach the key strategies behind amplifying your leads and sales 10x with marketing funnels and automation tools that allow you to make money while you sleep and better leverage your time!

BUSINESS SYSTEMS - Learn how to stop attempting to grow your business by doing more. Instead, do less and achieve more.  With the right systems in place within your business, you can scale through the glass ceilings holding you back to achieve sustainable and scalable growth. We will also reveal the counterintuitive steps to take to find untapped markets for your products and services and how knowing the right systems to have in place will completely rejuvenate your business.

MINDSET - Colin Sprake has a mastery level in facilitation and over 3 decades of studying the mind that will have even the most skeptical of attendees melting away years of being “stuck” in debilitating patterns. The first step to building a successful business and breaking through your revenue glass ceilings is to change the way you think and behave. Whether you’re operating a billion dollar company or just starting out, there are core human behaviours and mindset tools that Colin will help you embody and implement faster than anyone else.

All Top Performers have mentors, coaches or sherpas!
Because it makes the journey way more fun, less painful & seriously financially abundant and successful.
Founder of Make Your Mark, Colin Sprake, attributes his massive success to staying focused on clients achieving results, and also realizing that there is a ton to learn and things that he doesn't even know that he doesn't know! Colin has surrounded himself with amazing experts and mentors that have assisted him on his journey and he knows that this mentorship has saved him hundreds of thousands of dollars and got him to his goals quicker because they have all done it! Colin has built four multi-million dollar businesses and knows what it takes to assist you along your journey to getting to the results you are looking for, way quicker! Click above and come see what Colin and his team are all about!


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