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She Looked Into My Eyes And Said NO

The real truth about love…

When I was a young child I witnessed my parents love as being hurtful towards one another. Why was this my reality, because I needed to see my true self for who I am. This was a reality in adult life as well, my life was a mirror image of who I was just like my father means son of a bitch, but in a much different way. My father said what he meant. I showed with facial expressions. I always used my face to show my displeasure towards the ones that I loved. Why the heck did I do this, well I wanted to receive the feeling back from those who I cared for. But I didn’t really care, all I wanted was to show my discomfort and pains in my thoughts. This kind of behaviour was common on a day to day life that I was living in my past, sometimes it creeps out but I have a wonderful wife that tells me when I am being selfish and using my facial expressions to show what I am thinking. Wow, what a woman I have who tells me when I am being mean towards others.
I would like to hear from people that have similar stories or even if you have a great topic that makes others wonder what is life all about.
send me a note or comment below…
Stefan Neff From Zero To Hero The Real Life Story Blog Post
Stefan Neff From Zero To Hero The Real Life Story Blog Post


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