From Zero To Hero Facing The Truth About What We Don’t Want To Happen In Life That Makes Us Uncomfortable

From Zero To Hero

What are the truths that we don’t to tell ourselves or that we avoid on a daily basis?

I want to tell you a short story about a problem that stopped me from facing the fears in my life that always took over not only my body but my subconscious mind every day. I couldn’t even speak to others without studdering like “pocky pig”! This had inflicted my everyday life when I was a kid, always worrying about what other people had thought of me, the way I talked the way I spelt my words backwards, have dyslexia reading and writing words backwards even when I was reading I couldn’t get the words out properly. I felt like a lonely soul living in a fishbowl, getting eaten up by the big bad sharks of the world. Well, this was my self-talk speaking this wasn’t the real truth this was all in my subconscious mind! I wanted people to feel sorry for me, I wanted the care and love that I was missing in my life. I got just what I wanted from people a bag full of candy-coated headache medicine to take care of what was missing my miserable life. I received this daily just like I asked for.
This carried over into my adult life until!!!

1. I looked into the bathroom mirror one day and what looked back at me, wasn’t who I wanted to be in life.

2. I started to take responsibility for my life’s actions towards my happiness.

3. I am in the process of releasing the guilt that was stored up inside me.

4. Take 100% Responsibility For Our Action.

I started using a method E+R=0 that change my life completely!!


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