From Zero To Hero - Are You A People Pleaser

Going On A Road Trip With Nobody To Soothe The Ride To Success

What is deal with that…

Can you imagine a road trip without map where you are going, well that is my life living in the past memory? I was a lonely soul sitting on a park bench wondering who will love me for who am, I knew absolutely nothing about who I was or where I was going in life. The only thing I understood was how to keep up with the lie I was telling myself for those many years. Why am I here on the godforsaken planet we call earth? Well let us look at the thing we do for love, we make others happy before ourselves, well that was me. I don’t know about YOU but what I did was the only thing I knew how to do!! I was a people pleaser all my life, wondering when other will notice me for the thing I did for them. I smiled, I laughed at there silly jokes when they weren’t funny. I agreed with what they said without giving my true opinions. That is a people pleaser in my books if I had ever seen one.
How did I get out of the hole I was in, well I started to care for myself. I started to feel that I had a voice that needed to be heard. Time to stand up and be counted for we are the real voice of the world.
Does anyone resonate with what I am saying? If you have a story that you want to share I have an ear to listen, let me know your story about the journey you are on!!
From Zero To Hero By Stefan Neff A Man On A Mission To Change The world


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